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Flow Cytometry Services

Our Research Flow Cytometry operations run the spectrum of independent use of our analyzers by trained researchers, to complete service projects in which cell preparation, staining, data acquisition and analysis are carried out entirely by our resource staff – and everything in between.

In our instrument room we house five flow analyzers and a small particle analyzer that are accessible 24/7 to all trained investigators for a usage-based fee. Training consists of attending the free class Introduction to Flow Cytometry, which provides general information about the use of our facility as well as a basic overview of the technology. Further one-on-one training to become proficient on the instruments is available by appointment with our staff, and it is encouraged but not mandatory. Our goal is to train investigators to work in the facility independently, but fee-based continued assistance can be an option. Several courses are available for free to aid in gaining proficiency in the technique.

Various instruments are available in other locations within our facility for use together with flow staff during regular business hours (Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm). These include custom breadboard instruments and a Beckman Coulter Gallios, as well as the sorters.

To initiate projects that depend on our Resource staff to provide sample preparation, cell staining, data acquisition, analysis and/or interpretation, please contact Hans Minderman (716-845-1162) or Orla Maguire (716-845-5890). This service is fee-based and generally available by arrangement from 8am to 6pm Monday through Friday.