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The Luminex 200 is a flow-based multiplex analyzer that can perform up to 100 different tests in a single reaction volume, typically using magnetic beads to capture soluble analytes from plasma, serum, and cell lysates.

Interested investigators should contact our principal operator Carlos Cedeno (716-845-8235) for consultation on the Luminex multiplex assay, to reserve instrument usage time, or to request complete assay services. Luminex 200 users may either perform the assay themselves using our Luminex facility (located in CCC 324), or simply request the kit(s) to be purchased and provide the experimental samples for complete assay service by our staff. If complete service is requested, the desired Luminex assay kit(s) will be ordered and processed with the provided experimental samples. The data will then be analyzed by our staff using Upstate BeadView software and will be provided in a report detailing the analyte concentrations for each sample and the reliable limits of detection for each analyte. Assay service fees are dependent on the kit(s) used, the number of samples, and the number of analytes, and will be determined before service is rendered by consultation with the principal operator.