Technical Specifications

  • Laser Scanning Spectral Confocal Microscope
  • Real-time xy scanning, z-stack and λ scan
  • Simultaneous multi-spectral scanning
  • 3 Acousto-Optical spectral detectors
  • 10X dry, 20X dry, and 63X oil immersion objectives

Illumination and Detection

  • 4 laser lines
  • 405nm and 638nm diode; 488nm and 552nm OPSL
  • 1 PMT, and 2 hybrid (HyD) spectral detectors
  • Transmitted Light PMT Detector (TLD)

Advantages of Confocal Microscopy on the Leica TCS SP8

  • Simultaneous, tunable multi-channel detection
  • Visible, far-red and infrared emission detection
  • Minimize laser exposure with ultra-sensitive HyD detectors
  • Superior background suppression and cross-talk correction
  • HyVolution high-definition 3D reconstruction
  • Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) capability