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ImageStream Services

The ImageStreamX Mark II Imaging Flow Cytometers combine the speed, sensitivity, and phenotyping abilities of flow cytometry with the detailed imagery and functional insights of microscopy.

Our operations run the spectrum of independent use of our ImageStreams by trained researchers, to complete service projects in which cell preparation, staining, data acquisition and analysis are carried out entirely by our resource staff – and everything in between.

The Flow and image cytometry facility houses two nearly identical ImageStreamX Mark II instruments (see specific instrument pages for differences). These instruments are accessible 24/7 to all trained investigators for a usage-based fee. Training consists of attending the free class Introduction to Flow Cytometry, which provides general information about the use of our facility as well as a basic overview of the flow cytometry technology.

Once this class has been completed, three free one-on-one training sessions to become proficient specifically on the ImageStream instruments is available by appointment only with our staff.

Our goal is to train investigators to work in the facility independently, but fee-based continued assistance is also an option.

The facility also houses four dedicated analysis workstations with the proprietary IDEAS software (for details see Analysis Software) that are available free of charge and (as of yet) there is no need for reservations.

Please contact Hans Minderman (716-845-1162) or Orla Maguire (716-845-5890) for further information.