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ImageStream Instrumentation

The Flow and image cytometry facility houses two nearly identical ImageStreamX Mark II instruments (see specific instrument pages for differences).

During weekdays, our staff performs start-up procedures and daily QC on the instruments. During weekends and on holidays, users are responsible for these procedures. Investigators are expected to work in the facility independently, but staff is available during regular business hours for consultation. Our instrument room is designated a BSL2 facility, which means lab coats and gloves must be worn.

Users can sign up for time on the equipment using the FOM calendar. Unrestricted individual access to this system is granted only after completion of the free Introduction to Flow Cytometry class (sign up here) which outlines the requirements for use of the facility and completion of one-on-one training with a member of our staff.

Instrument use is charged by actual usage time or 80% of calendar reservation time, whichever is greater. Reservations can be altered up to two hours before the start time. Reduced charges apply during night time (8pm – 8am) and during weekends and holidays.

The facility also houses four dedicated analysis workstations with the proprietary IDEAS software (for details see Analysis software) that are available free of charge and (as of yet) there is no need for reservations.

Please contact Hans Minderman (716-845-1162) or Orla Maguire (716-845-5890) for further information.