Technical Specifications

The Beckman Coulter GALLIOS is equipped with four excitation lasers (405, 488, 561 and 635 nm). This is a 10-color, 12-parameter instrument with automatic sample loading for up to 32 tubes. The instrument operates on Kaluza for Gallios software (version 1.0).

Emission Detected

488nm Blue Laser
  • FSC
  • SSC
  • FL1: 525nm, FITC/Alexa 488/GFP
  • FL2: 575nm, PE
  • FL3: 620/30nm, PE-TxRd
  • FL4: 695/30nm, PE-Cy5, PerCP-Cy5.5
  • Alternative FL4: 675nm, PerCP (filter change)
  • FL5: 755nmLP, PE-Cy7
561nm Yellow-green Laser/ coaxial with 488nm:
  • FL2: 575nm, dsRed
  • FL3: 620/30nm, mCherry, RFP
635nm Red Laser:
  • FL6: 660nm, APC
  • FL7: 725/20nm, Alexa-700
  • FL8: 755nmLP, APC-Cy7
405nm Violet Laser:
  • FL9: 450/50nm, Pac Blue, BV421
  • FL10: 550/40, AmCyan, BV510