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The Department of Flow and Image Cytometry teaches various free courses to educate the Roswell and Buffalo community on the techniques employed in our facility. Courses typically take about 3 hours and have a lecture presentation as well as a lab demo part. Information on the dates and location of our classes is found in Upcoming Classes link on the right side of this page. For further information contact the Education Coordinator at 716-845-8416. To sign up for any class, please click this link or add your name to the sign-up sheets posted next to our conference room C314.

All new users of our facility regardless of previous experience must attend the mandatory class Introduction to Flow Cytometry, which provides general information about the use of our facility as well as a basic overview of the technology. Unrestricted individual access to the FOM calendar system is granted only after completion of this class. Further one-on-one training to become proficient on the instruments is available by appointment with our staff, and it is encouraged but not mandatory. Our goal is to train investigators to work in the facility independently.

For intermediate and advanced flow users, the Mastering Diva and Fluorochrome Selection and Compensation classes offer an opportunity to deepen general knowledge of the technique. Our other classes are all pertinent to specific technical applications used in our facility. For Roswell Park and UB graduate students, our facility hosts a semester-long, four credit hour graduate course in flow and image cytometry applications. This course is offered each fall through UB.

For basic Flow Cytometry information and tutorials see our Educational Links.
For data analysis software information and tutorials see our Analysis Software Page.