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The autoMACS Separator for Immunomagnetic Cell Sorting

  • The autoMACS™ Separator is a benchtop instrument for high-speed automated cell sorting. Employing the MACS® Technology, the autoMACS Separator is designed for positive selection as well as depletion of magnetically labeled cells. The autoMACS Separator is operated with pre-set separation programs, thus, allowing optimization of cell sorting approaches according to cell abundance and the intensity of marker expression. The separated cells are immediately ready for experiments, cell analysis, or further subset sorting.
    • Fast—up to 4×109 magnetically labeled cells are sorted automatically within a few
    • Efficient—rare cells can be enriched up to 10,000-fold or unwanted cells may be depleted up to 99%.

MACS® Cell Separation Technology is available for human, mouse, rat and non-human primate cell isolation. For any other cell type MicroBeads for indirect magnetic labeling can be used.

  • Principle of the technology: MACS Cell Separation is based on MACS MicroBeads, specific monoclonal antibodies conjugated to superparamagnetic 50 nm particles. Labeled cells are retained in the magnetic field within a MACS Column. Separated cells—the positively labeled fraction as well as the non-labeled fraction—can directly be used for downstream applications, such as cell analysis, further expansion, or functional assays. The separated cells remain viable and their functionality is not compromised.
  • Common applications: positive and negative separation of specific immunophenotypes. Enrichment of target cells before flow cytometric cell sorting to improve sorting efficiency. For a full repertoire of available analytes please see the Miltenyi Biotec website:
  • AutoMACS Applications contacts:
    • Kitty de Jong: extension 8416
    • Hans Minderman: extension 4163
    • Paul Wallace: extension 4163